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Team Culture Cycle

A view at successful teams teamkulturrad_en.jpg

Based on the twelve team boosters by Dave Francis and Don Young, Process One Consulting designed the team culture cycle as a diagnostic instrument for teams and their condition.

From Francis’ and Young’s point of view, these team boosters determine the team culture. And the higher the level where these parameters can be found in the team, the more successful is the team.

In our model, these team boosters are the base for our described dimensions of a team analysis.

The Process One team culture cycle dimensions.

In our team development projects we use the team culture cycle for locating the position and initiation into the topic. The team members rate their satisfaction with the dimensions on a scale from 1 (unsatisfied) to 10 (full satisfaction). Find here some project examples.

The rising differences and hence the different points of view the team members have regarding to the dimensions, are the base for our further interventions. Furthermore, accumulations of low or high scorings (sensed deficits or sometimes unaware strengths) provide important indications for a useful “direction” of team development.

As a kind of catalyst, the team culture cycle makes different points of views of team members visible and discussible in a constructive manner.