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Leadership 4.0

Structuring Collaboration in Complex Environments

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The P1 Quarterly Magazine


In our P1 Quarterly, we address the burning issues in business and society and and offer a range of impulses on leadership development, organizational development and agile organizations.

Objectives & Key Results

Currently there is a management innovation rolling towards us going by the name of “Objectives & Key Results”. It is too soon to know whether its impact will be as similarly transformative as ....


No sign of rest. How could it have come to this?

New Work (German)

New forms of collaboration and leadership - a workshop report. In the last two issues of the Quarterly, to a certain extent, we have looked at current developments from the bird’s eye view.

What motivates you?

Why do humans do what they do? What determines the decisions they make? Such questions inevitably raise issues about satisfaction and fulfillment in our professional and private lives. And, ultimately, lead to the question of what motivates us.

The autonomous leadership style

As a good leader, you have no doubt explored a range of leadership approaches, theories and styles.


Practices such as yoga, meditation, or Qigong appear to be gaining acceptance in the world of business.

be transformative (German)

In this issue, we come to the third and final part of our “Becoming more agile” series: focusing on the ability to implement. To kick things off, here is a brief intellectual classification of the term agility:

Responsibility (German)

Do you remember the summer of 2015, when hundreds of thousands of people came to Germany in search of help?
Of course you do.

On the digital threshold (German)

Am I in yet?
wondered Boris Becker in a TV commercial back in 1999. In fact, it wasn't that easy back then to enter to this new world.

Work 4.0 (German)

A legend from the early 1950s.

Daring democracy (German)

In this issue, we want to shed light on what significance democracy has in all of this. Do non-hierarchical principles necessarily lead to more democracy?

Evolution of purpose (German)

Creating purpose: More and more managers see this as one of their main tasks. But is that even possible? What do we actually mean when we talk about “purpose”? And why is purpose so popular right now?

be perceptive (German)

What do we allow into our heads? American journalist and Internet expert Stephen Baker has elevated this question to the key issue of our generation in light of the emerging digital age.

be decisive (German)

Each of us makes about 200,000 decisions a day, reportedly 200 of them involving food consumption matters alone.

Power (German)

No leadership without power. In companies, nothing is as completely taboo as power. One consequence of this is that managers, formally endowed with power by the company, rarely deliberately address the power they have ...

Innovation (German)

There are currently very few concept that are so positively charged and on which such high hopes rest as that of innovation. The pressure is high, because there is a lot at stake, sometimes even personal survival.

New Work Order (German)

Some leadership concepts have so far hardly progressed beyond pure theory. Others have undergone extensive testing for a number of years, while still others resurrect the approaches and concepts of organizational development from the last century.

Agile leadership (German)

The new stable state is to deal with unstable goals and parameters. This is both the essence and the origin of agile principles. They make a virtue out of necessity.