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Motivating people - focusing on goals

What purpose does a philosophy serve in a consultancy firm? Does the striving for insights about the meaning of life, the nature of the world and the position of humanity in the world have an essential place here?

We are firmly convinced that the answer is: yes. Because without a viewpoint shared by all our consultants, both about individual people and about the interdependencies within the company, we cannot function as a company. The resulting attitude is described in the goal of our work: to motivate people to handle change and further development permanently and on their own initiative as individuals, while at the same time taking their share of responsibility within the organisation.

Change is always possible when alternative alignments and ways are regarded as useful. We have the highest respect for organically grown structures, mindsets and patterns of behaviour as well as past problem-solving strategies. Building on these, we will help you and your employees to think over which of the existing goals, attitudes, intentions and values will be useful in future and which are more likely to hinder you.

We take responsibility for the overall process and the goal focus. You and your employees take responsibility for implementing the change measures developed. Because in our view, personal responsibility is indispensable to entrepreneurial thinking and action.