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Two closely associated theories and schools of thought make up our spiritual home: New Systems theory and Constructivism. These form the platform for our consultancy design, process architectures, training programmes and interventions. Decades of engaging with the theory and applying it in practice have led to a wealth of models and tenets –  you will find some of them here: Learning principles „Learning principles“, Our understanding of responsibility Managerial responsibility in orga, Our understanding of management and leadership, Competence development model,  4 stages of competence development 4-steps competence. We particularly favour the opportunities offered by decontextualising methods „Operating mechanismus projects“: they make it possible to reveal, reflect and change both individual behaviours and organisational patterns Seerosenmodel . The waterlily model 

You will find here descriptions of the formats we have developed/we use Leadership Project „The Leadership Project“, Add-Venture Project „Short description the add venture teamproject“, Mission Impossible? „Mission Impossible projektbriefing 1“, Business Simulations/Business Games „Business simulations_Business games“ , Learning Journey „Learning Journey“, Leadership Navigator Leadership Navigator