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Leadership Skills for Scrum Masters

Leading Scrum teams effectively. Integrating Scrum in your company.

“Leadership Skills for Scrum Masters” (LSSM) illuminates and explores different leadership principles underlying the Scrum framework.

The “Leadership Skills for Scrum Masters” workshop is aimed at those individuals responsible for successfully incorporating Scrum into their companies.

In order to be effective in this role, you need to discover the useful tools, interventions and procedures that will increase the effectiveness of your leadership role as a Scrum Master - even if you do not have solid-line managerial responsibility.
Scrum Masters will gain a deeper understanding of the communicative and organizational factors for success gained through the introduction, use and dissemination of Scrum. 

The contents of the LSSM workshop include:

·    Principles of Leadership. What is leadership? What levels of leadership are there?

·    Organizational Leadership. What does introducing Scrum mean for established structures? How can such structures change successfully?

·    Team Leadership. What are the typical phases in team development and what opportunities are there for me as Scrum Master to lead my team to achieve top performance? How do I react to dysfunction in my team?

·    People Leadership. How do I, as Scrum Master, deal with resistance, conflict and demotivation? What does this mean for the way in which I communicate and facilitate? What coaching techniques can I use?