Leadership Development

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Good leadership?
For every company something different!

Leadership development is context-dependent

Our understanding of leadership and organization is that they are two sides of the same coin. Good leadership means for each company at different times something specific, something unique. This has been confirmed time and again over the last 20 years through our work with our clients.

And that is why we do not offer open-enrollment programs for leadership development. This naturally involves in-depth expertise in leadership and knowledge of the key leadership tools that leaders use.

Take a look at our Prototype Workshop to discover what shape a leadership development program tailored to your company could have.

Prototype Workshop

Leading at a distance

Leadership development with the compact workshop, Remote Leading

Through our leadership development format Remote Leading we examine the key functions of leadership: providing orientation, ensuring the flow of communication, creating proximity and, last but not least, safeguarding performance.

The Virtual Leader’s Circle

Solving Leadership Challenges Together

In our Power Format Leader’s Circle, you experience first-hand the power of methods such as peer-to-peer consulting and diverse coaching tools in the development of concrete solutions to your current challenges.

Leadership development

From quick bite to master class, everything is possible

We develop tailored concepts for effective leadership, from individual workshops to multi-year leadership development programs.

You want:

  • Effective and conscious leadership?
  • Practice-oriented and immediately applicable content?
  • Faster reaction to changing markets?
  • Tools and mindset for agile leadership and New Work?
  • Sustainable personal development?
  • Mindfulness and focus in leadership?

We look forward to talking to you! 


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Quick Check Leadership

Where do I stand as leader?

According to our definition of leadership, leadership development shows its true effectiveness when it:

  1. aligns with the strategic orientation of the company,
  2. delivers concrete tools for day-to-day leadership and for dealing with the leadership processes established in the company,
  3. heightens awareness of the necessity, impact and limitations of leadership.

As a leader, I am required to deliver answers at the three levels of leadership. To do so, I need methods that will enable me to sustain my personal effectiveness.


Leadership Development

The entire bandwidth

  • How is your company doing on the market right now?
  • Is your business model currently in the process of change or is it largely stable?
  • What steps in the development of your culture will ensure commercial success in the future?
  • How do you recognize and enhance good leadership in your company?



  • Does good leadership pay off for the leaders in your company?
  • Which phase of business development is your company in and what do your leaders need to be able to do?

Depending on the business situation and leadership level, specific demands are placed on leadership development.

#Process One Clients

“Excellent expert input… of great benefit in day-to-day business…, very personable and supportive atmosphere…, fantastic trainer.”

Catherine Boisserée
Head of Human Resources Deutsche Reihenhaus AG
on the feedback received from her managers.

“We enjoy a very frank and open dialog on a wide range of topics and generate excellent ideas together. The feedback we receive from our employees and managers about the development programs is always very positive. Whether in German or English, in person or virtually, our colleagues are very enthusiastic and are able to integrate the inspirational input they receive into their working lives.”

Katharina Gödde
Head of HR Education & Development Schmitz Cargobull

Here are a few of the clients whose leadership development we have supported over recent years. 

Alleviating the
loneliness of leaders

Leadership Development Coaching 

Coaching systematically creates space for communication that does not exist within companies.

Personal, one-on-one coaching has become an increasingly indispensable part of leadership development. Coaching creates a climate of trust in which personal issues are addressed, such as:

  • How effective I am in my leadership role
  • Reflection on, and honing of, personal development goals
  • Optimization of my communication system
  • Reduction of my stress level and maintenance of long-term levels of performance
  • Interaction with key stakeholders
  • Identification and tackling of leadership dilemmas

As feedback providers, sparring partners and resource-focused traveling companions, we are at your side.

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