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International Senior-Management-Programme

Occasion / Goal:                   

  • Opening up new business areas in a highly competitive environment
  • Quick generation of innovative procedures
  • Short feedback loops and assignment by the board level
  • Strengthening the ability of senior management to act and make decisions                                             

Target group:                                     

  • First-level managers under the Management Board

Programme elements: 

  • Virtual kick-off
  • Self-directed, web-based planning and execution of a Learning Journey 
  • Modules: Strategy, Learning Journey and Transformation
  • Webinars on selected topics of leadership and management
  • Collegial Counselling
  • Creating and implementing strategic initiatives
  • Design Thinking, Gamification and Business Model Generation
  • Action-oriented, agile Business Simulation
  • Dealing with business strategies outside the industry
  • Identification of risks and opportunities of corruption

Levels of learning:                                  

  • 20 % individual learning
  • 80% organisational development